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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Siapa Sebenarnya Perosak Dan Pemusnah



manusia dengan gelojoh
merobek bumi meledak gunung
meredah sahara merentas hutan
menngering paya memotong sungai

di gali di korek di cucuk

muntah keluar darah darah hitam
maka berpesta lah manusia bagaikan siang yang tak sudah sudah
maka berkenduri lah manusia bagaikan makanan tak habis habis
maka mabuk lah manusia bagaikan tuak tak kering kering

darah hitam itu semakin susut
manusia terus berpesat
darah hitam itu semakin kurang
manusia tidak pernah puas puas
darah hitam itu semakin mahal
maka berkenduri lah kaum pemodal bagaikan musim bunga sepanjang zaman

tasik di sodok
gunung di gondoli
laut di gali

demi segala dewa
demi alam semesta ini
dari dasar laut keluar darah hitam
maka manusia pun berpesta lagi
bagaikan mereka akan hidup untuk selama lamanya

hitam hitam hitam
muntah dari dasar laut
bersorak bersorai bergema mengira dolar

ditakdir kan takdir
kun pi ya kun
maka darah bumi melimpah limpah
tidak ada sumbu dapat menutup
tidak ada simin dapat menekan
tidak ada besi dapat menahan
minyak minyak minyak muntah dari perut bumi

kupang ketam ikan sotong dan pari
cincaru terubuk parang dan senangin
makerel sardin marlin dan cod
sesak lah nafas mereka
sesesak bumi terkatup

ungas itik bilibis dan bangau
hilang harapan untuk terbang
sayap patah kaki membeku
satu demi satu gugur mati tenggelam di dalam minyak

ooom… yang asal balik usul
dari daging unggas dan rumput rampai asal kau
dari kerang kupang dan bangkai bangkai asal kau
maka kembali lah kamu ke dalam bumi
yang mati menjadi minyak
yang minyak menjadi minyak

maka manusia pun terus berpesta
ikan sotong unggas belibis kupang dan kerang yang mati
dimakan kembali oleh ikan sotong belibis kupang dan kerang yang hidup
ikan sotong unggas belibis kupang dan kerang yang hidup
di makan oleh mat john mary dan mikael

manusia diracun manusia
manusia diruan sambil berpesta

maka manusia pun berpesta bagaikan siang tidak akan sampai sampai
maka manusia pun berkenduri bagaikan bumi ini milik mereka

darah darah hitam semakin susut
darah darah hitam semakin kurang
pesta tidak henti henti

kun pi ya kun
maka perang wajib di mulakan....

Kitaro- Heaven & Earth


Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy month of Ramadan

Fasting for Ramadan enhances spiritual growth

For the majority of Muslims worldwide a confirmed new-moon sighting next Tuesday will usher in the holy month of Ramadan. This 1,400-year-old ritual is a reminder to practice self-restraint, increase one's spirituality and appreciate God's countless blessings.


For the majority of Muslims worldwide, the confirmed sighting of a new crescent moon next Tuesday will usher in the holy month of Ramadan. This 1,400-year-old ritual is a reminder to practice self-restraint, increase one's spirituality and appreciate God's countless blessings.

Throughout time, all of the Abrahamic faiths have been instructed by God to fast as an act of devotion.

God says:
"O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed to those before you in order that you may attain taqwa (God-consciousness)."
Quran 2:183

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam observed on the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar when Muslims are required to fast. It is the month during which the Quran was sent down from God as a guide to mankind.

Abstaining from food, drink and sexual relations from sunrise to sunset protects Muslims from sin and purifies our hearts and minds.

This year, the lunar calendar has pushed Ramadan deeper into August, something that occurs only once about every 33 years, so this year, local Muslims will be fasting for 16 hours every day.

I have never taken fasting as a hardship. It's a powerful spiritual discipline meant for God alone. For me, it is quite private in some respects as I work each year to heighten my own spirituality.

Giving up comforts such as that midmorning cappuccino or midday granola snack might be challenging to a non-Muslim, but the discipline and confidence that come with fasting make it more and more enjoyable with each passing day.

I've fasted since I was a child, and the practice has continually strengthened my self-control and improved my ability to make better choices and avoid things that are not good for me. It promotes the acute God consciousness called taqwa, which reminds me to more caring, sharing and compassionate throughout the day.

But what I appreciate most during Ramadan is that sense of gratefulness I feel. Each Ramadan makes me an ever more thoughtful human. Fasting makes me more conscious of the world's countless poor and helps me see more clearly our society's waste and extravagance. Sometimes it makes me sad.

When we are grateful for our sustenance and earnings, it is easier to simplify our lives. Fasting helps improve moral and spiritual character because it teaches patience and unselfishness.

Ramadan strengthens Muslim society because we are reminded to put others first, be kinder to family members, be good neighbors and better citizens — values we can all appreciate as Americans.

Muslims are encouraged to remember and appreciate the love and mercy of God, because we are fasting for him alone. If a person fasts during Ramadan in complete devotion to God, Muslims believe, that person's past sins will be forgiven.

This Ramadan, I am especially thankful to God for my spiritual growth over the past year, and I will work this month to be more tolerant and appreciative. My goal will be to make those changes a permanent part of my life.